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Prof. Peter Mortimer.

Professor Peter Mortimer trained in Dermatology in Sheffield and Oxford. He was appointed ‘Physician to the Skin Department’ at St George’s and consultant skin physician to the Royal Marsden Hospital since 1986 and has been Professor of Dermatological Medicine to the University of London since 2000.

Interest in lymphatics began in Oxford where he undertook his thesis on ‘the measurement of skin lymph flow’. He has developed the emerging area of Lymphovascular Medicine, which is devoted to the clinical consequences of lymphatic dysfunction (chronic oedema, lymphoedema, tissue immunodeficiency and recurrent infection, and altered fat homeostasis). Current research is focused on breast cancer related lymphoedema, the genetic basis of primary lymphoedema, recurrent cellulitis and lipoedema as well as melanoma spread by lymphatics. He has over 260 publications cited on PubMed.

He has been Chief Investigator on research grants from The Wellcome Trust, MRC, British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK. Particular success has come with the discovery of 8 causal genes for lymphoedema by his group. This translational approach has changed the way primary lymphoedema is diagnosed and managed. His clinical practice deals almost entirely with chronic oedema, lymphoedema, lymphatic malformations, lymph-related disorders and lipoedema.

He sits on the medical advisory committee for the main international organisation, the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (USA). He is founder and Chief Medical Officer to the Lymphoedema Support Network, the UK patients’ national charity. He is founder and Patron of the national body for health care professionals, the British Lymphology Society.