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Newcastle upon Tyne

Lead Contact:
Kath Clark
kathclark [at] stoswaldsuk.org

Contact Details:
Lymphoedema Clinic. Out patients West, St Oswald’s Hospice,
Regent Avenue, Gosforth,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
NE3 1EE,
Tel: 0191 2469050/2850063,
Fax: 0191 2469072

Practice Profile

Treatments available – Long term and Intensive treatment – Hosiery, MLD, Coban 2 & Comprilan Short-Stretch Bandaging, Kinesio Tape.

Do you have a support group – Not specifically for children.

Cancer/non-cancer service? – All chronic oedema.

Referral criteria and funding – via healthcare professional, paid by appointment by relevant CCG.

Days/time of clinic – Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

The information presented here has been put together by members of Children Lymphoedema Special Interest Group (CLSIG).

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