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Awareness Week

BLS Awareness Week Sunday 5th March to Saturday 11th March 2017.

At BLS we understand the importance of creating awareness of lymphoedema, and the hard work that our members do to make this happen. To support our members in their endeavours, BLS is currently reviewing the awareness pack, and how this can be improved. We are planning to create new publications as well as having access to our current selection. These will be available in a downloadable format, with some hard copies available for ordering.

Free Download of "5 Things a GP should know about lymphoedema" Post Cards.

Please click here to download the 5 things every GP should know about lymphoedema Postcards that you can download to use in your promotion of the Lymphoedema Awareness week 2017.

The postcard is attached as a PDF if that is easier to download the details please feel free.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the BLS admin office at admin@thebls.co.uk or alternatively please call on 01452 790178. 

 Ipswich Hospital are producing a flyer on Lymphoedema for Awareness Day which will be sent out to all wards and clinics. Don’t forget to get grab a copy.

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