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Are You Ready For...

Lymphoedema Awareness Week 5-11 March 2017?

This is a great time to be raising awareness of health care professionals about Lymphoedema and the often simple things they can do to make a huge difference to reducing the prevalence, severity, and impact of Lymphoedema by early recognition and intervention.

What are you planning?

Are you holding an event? Let us know and we can showcase the event on the website and promote it through our Facebook and Twitter pages. Interesting ideas? Again, let us know and we can share the information. If Tweeting, please start your message with #LymphAware and include @BritishLymph in the message so that it is easily picked up and retweeted.

Can we help?


  • See the latest News & Views (out soon) for ideas about key messages.
  • View Useful Documents At The Bottom Of The Page
  • Share our flyer 


For the first time this year we are organizing a Thunderclap to ensure as many people as possible hear and learn about lymphoedema. A Thunderclap enables a single message to be sent to multiple social media accounts at the same time it can be FaceBook, Twitter or Tumblr as long as they have signed up in advance. It is for one occasion only but it goes much further. BLS will put out a message Sunday 5th March at 12md. Please add your support

  • Please remember to contact your Regional Rep to let them know what is happening in your area and share ideas.
  • Support the LSN “Sock it to Lymphoedema” campaign by wearing odd and outlandish socks to encourage people to ask about it.


What others are doing

Beacon Centre in Guildford - Study day on Tuesday 7th March teaching practices nurses and community nurses how to bandage up to the thigh and how to measure for custom fit hosiery for patients with Chronic oedema.

The Sue Ryder Lymphoedema service in Berkshire West - Running two awareness sessions for Palliative Care staff on Lymphoedema and managing oedema at end of life. The Berkshire Lymphoedema Support Group will also be holding a fundraising "Afternoon Tea" to raise money to buy equipment for the Lymphoedema Service.

Nottingham Lymphoedema Team - Support worker and patient support group are holding a cake stall and tombola. They also have lots of literature available for health care professionals.

SLIMBS - volunteering to help promote Lymphoedema Awareness on March 8th. They will be in the Atrium of the hospital for the whole day wearing their SLIMBS T-shirts and Name badges. - 3 clinical team members will be attending on a rota throughout the day to add support and answer any questions. They will be giving out the GP postcards, cellulitis leaflets, and information about the support group and BLS/LSN. - They also have been invited to a local Co-op to have a bucket collection on Friday 10th March where they will also raise awareness!

East Lancashire - GP and Patient postcards, BLS postcards / BLS Awareness Strap Line to go on Trust Intranet Message of the Day,  GP and Patient postcards attached to Community Trust Division e-mail and risk information delivered to staff and patients at the Breast Patient Follow-up session

Lymphoedema Support Network - A stand was created in two of their community clinics. here they interacted with various professionals including G.P’s Practice Nurses therapy staff, and other specialist services, their stand included information relating to lymphoedema and chronic oedema, posters and leaflets were available for both patients and professionals to take away.

Lymphoedema Network Northern Ireland (LNNI) - Jane Rankin, LNNI Lead, met with the 3rd year undergraduate Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Dietetic and Speech and Language Therapy students at the University of Ulster Cancer Conference.

The Western Health and Social care Trust: Jill Hamilton, WHSCT Lymphoedema Team Lead focused on taking over the trust’s internet system to raise the profile of lymphoedema with healthcare professionals for LAW! She has created an information section for the trust’s website and has an article linked to this on the trust intranet for the whole LAW. This also includes the photos of the physiotherapy team in the “Sock it to” campaign. On top of this Jill has also created a “Lymphoedema West” Facebook page for patients and for general awareness.

The Northern Health and Social Care Trust Lymphoedema Lead, Elaine Stowe, also met with that trust’s outpatient Physiotherapy Team to do an awareness session, and aid timely referrals via the correct referral system

In the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust Jill Lorimer, the Lymphoedema Team Lead did an awareness session for the dermatology consultants, registrars, and trainees. They were most interested in types of patients to refer and the referral pathways.

The Southern Health and Social care Trust Lymphoedema Team, led by Lynne Whiteside, provided an awareness stand in their Health and Well-Being Centre. Information regarding this event was also shared along the Northern Ireland/Southern Ireland border to aid both countries. Gillian McConaghie, Specialist Lymphoedema Physiotherapist and Pamela Fleming, Physiotherapy Assistant manned the stand.

Let’s work together to raise awareness of Lymphoedema and improve the lives of our patients!

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  • LSN
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