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Bauerfeind is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical aids with 80 years of experience and offers the medical professional a wide range of quality products.
VenoTrain® compression therapy is designed to provide long term medical effectiveness, excellent wearing comfort and great looks. The assortment includes different designs, colours and compression levels to fit different life styles of all walks of life. Manufactured with premium quality double covered yarns, all VenoTrain products are designed to provide controlled gradient compression providing maximum pressure at the ankles, decreasing gradually going up the leg. VenoTrain provides effective relief for a wide range of conditions, from mild to severe venous disorders and Lymphoedema.
Our VenoTrain® off the shelf stockings are made to provide a perfect fit that feels like a second skin because Bauerfeind is always one step ahead in terms of technologically advanced standards, we constantly conduct clinical studies and test our high-quality VenoTrain® products in cooperation with well respected institutions applying accepted norms and standards.
All VenoTrain® products comply with Eco-Text standard 100 and meet the requirements of the Safe Medical Devices Act and bear the CE label. Regular controls by the independent research institute Hohenstein confirm that our compression stockings rightly bear the RAL label.
VenoTrain delight is suitable for intensive compression therapy in cases of lymphedema on the arm or leg. The individually customized stocking made from elastic flat knit material works completely on the veins and lymph systems both on the surface and deep down, combating severe functional disturbances, varicose veins and edemas in particular.
• Latex-free and gentle on the skin
• Breathable double-stretch knit
• A long-lasting stocking that retains its fit
Flat knit compression stockings come into their own in the treatment of lymphedema, because with the current technology only using the flat knit method that the necessary compression strengths can be achieved for each individual body dimension. VenoTrain delight exerts precise pressure right down into the deep veins (delightful effect), thus guaranteeing success for manual lymph drainage (MLD) treatment and preventing the formation of further edemas.
Sensitive skin can breathe because VenoTrain delight is custom-made from a latex-free breathable material and is easy to put on and take off. The gripRelief®structure on all supportive bands reduces the pressure caused by unpleasant constriction. The pantyhose stand out thanks to its higher leg line and high-elasticity seams. The arm stocking comes with ultra-flat seams and its shape supports the natural arm posture in the elbow region and guarantees freedom of movement.
Bauerfeind, quality you can count on.


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Phyllis House
229 Bristol Road

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