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Winner of BLS / ILF Joint Award to Industry for Innovation in the Treatment of Lymphoedema 2010.

Lymed Oy is a Finnish manufacturer of high class custom-made medical compression garments with more than 15 years’ experience. Only carefully chosen, high quality materials are used in manufacturing, enabling us to design garments that are comfortable to wear, look good and give the best possible result in the therapy. Close cooperation with hospitals and research centres ensures that we are constantly developing and improving our garments.
Most LYMED garments are individually designed, custom-made garments that are used in different situations when compression therapy is required e.g. for burn scars, in the management of lymphoedema, after cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and in neurological treatments.
LYMED garments are designed according to patient's individual needs e.g. the size and location of the injury as well as the general health and age of the patient. The compression used in our garments follows the requirements of the treatment. Using a very detailed and specific pattern system, the exact pressure and location for the compression can be calculated.
LYMED has experience in designing garments also for children. With comfortable materials, colours and decorative embles children can be more motivated to use the garments.
LYMED garments are all manufactured at our factory in Tampere, Finland. Currently the garments are distributed to 11 countries.


Pressure garments for scar management

Pressure garments for scar management are used to prevent hypertrophic scarring e.g. after a burn
injury. Most of LYMED pressure garments are custom-made and designed according to patients
individual needs. Top quality materials guarantee comfortable wear for up to 23 hours per day.
Zippers, velcro and hooks can be added to the garments for easier application. These garments
can be designed to fit all parts of the body.

Interim care garments are used for the treatment of burn injuries prior to actual pressure treatment
e.g. when open wounds are still present. The material is very light and normally the pressure varies
between 9-13 mmHg. All the products are available in ready-made sizes, so that the desired pressure
can be influenced by choosing a smaller or bigger size for the treatment.

Medical compression garments

Medical compression garments are used to support the venous and lymphatic systems of the
lower and upper limbs. Stockings, sleeves and gloves assist the circulation, support the legs
and veins and therefore minimize any swelling. Custom-made products guarantee the gradual
compression, e.g. in stockings providing the greatest support at the ankle and gradually decreasing
towards the top of stocking. Three different compression classes are mainly used. Zippers can be
added for easier application.

Post-plastic surgery garments

Post-plastic surgery garments are used following cosmetic plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery or
liposuction. Carefully chosen materials are used to in order to provide sufficient support and comfort.
This range of products includes different styles of bras, wrap supports, chin straps and
liposuction panties. All the products are available in ready-made sizes, but custom-made styles
can be designed and manufactured according to patient’s needs.


3D-garments, are designed for children and adults with neurological
conditions, trauma or disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, autism and erbin paresis.
Wearing a 3D-garment improves functional performance and promotes stability
and independence. Use of zippers and velcro enables easier application. For additional
support, pockets can be added for splinting.


LYMED Logowww.lymed.fi/english/english_lymed

Pyhäjärvenkatu 5 A
FIN-33200 Tampere

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