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Medasun Ltd is a company dedicated to provide the highest quality medical compression garments to the UK and Ireland.


ReadyWrap inelastic binders which mimic the 50% overlap bandaging for the whole leg are currently on FP10 prescription.

Our new products ReadyWrap arm and gauntlet are currently available awaiting FP10 approval.


Combine Caresia, an easy solution to bandaging underlay and Thera-Fit, a cost effective night time garment for a 24 hour solution for patients which help reduce Lymphoedema symptoms.


Tribute a tailor made night time compression garment. Swell spots, medical grade foam for localized areas of swelling.

MARENA world leading F5 fabric

Medasun also supply a range of breathable, anti-microbial garments specifically designed for patient comfort. Bras, every day wear and sportswear combine light compression with soft, easy to wear garments for day to day life.

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Medasun Logowww.medasun.com

By Email

Enquiries: medasun@tpshealthcare.com

Orders: customerservices@tpshealthcare.com
By Telephone and Fax
Ordering Support at Medasun, TPS Healthcare, Group.

Customer Services:

Cumbernauld: Tel: 01236 739668

Fax 01236 738376


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