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Advancis Medical

Advancis Medical is an innovative UK based company offering a choice of advanced dressings promoting progressive and acceptable healing throughout all phases of the wound healing process. Advancis Medical has developed the Eclypse super absorbent dressing range to include Eclypse Boot, a full
lower leg wrap dressing for conditions such as Lymphoedema.

Our products are split into three product categories:

Activon® medical Manuka honey dressings
Advancis Medical is the leading medical honey product company and was the first to introduce Manuka honey as a medical device. The Activon dressings: Activon Tulle®, Algivon®, Activon Tube® and Actilite® are antibacterial, debride and deslough, combat malodour and promote healing, the range now includes a new moisturising balm with Activon honey called Actibalm®.

Silfix® soft silicone dressings
This range currently comprises of Silflex® (previously known as Siltex), Episil®, Episil Absorbent®, Advasil conform®, and Eclypse Adherent®. These are atraumatic wound dressings, addressing the issue of pain at dressing change. Wound contact dressings, absorbent and non-absorbent that protect the wound. The Silfix® range now includes Siltape®, a versatile soft silicone tape and and Eclypse Adherent Sacral® an extension of our super absorbent range for the sacral area.

Advanced wound care dressings
Other Advancis dressing technologies include high exudate management, fluid management, de-sloughing and moisture balance dressings in the form of Eclypse, Advadraw, Advadraw Spiral, Advazorb Plus and Adva-co. We are also pleased to introduce Eclypse Boot, a unique, innovative and award winning full lower leg absorbent dressing for managing highly exudating and leaking legs.


Advancis Medical Logowww.advancis.co.uk

Tel: 01623 751500

Fax: 0871 264 8238

Email: info@advancis.co.uk

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