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Medi UK Ltd


Medi are the global leaders of effective compression garments for:

Reduction and maintenance phases of Lymphoedema
treatment of wounds in lymphovenous conditions
treatment and prevention of recurrence of Venous Leg Ulcers and Post Thrombotic Syndrome

Medi offer a range of products for the care and self-management of the patient, starting with UCS debridement, a Unique, Convenient and Safe way of cleaning and moisturising the whole limb, through to the extensive range of compression garments and devices to effectively treat disorders of the lymphatic and venous systems.

Mediven - medi offer the widest range of sizes and styles in off-the-shelf sizes for upper and lower limb lymphoedema/chronic oedema as well as effective fabrics in RAL grade compression for optimal patient care, comfort and for clinical effectiveness. The wide range of compression garments suit all venous and lymphatic conditions. Available in flat knit or round knit with an extensive range of colours, patterns and designs tailored for the individual.

Juxta the Juxtafit range for lymphoedema offers instantly re-adjustable, comfortable, inelastic compression that helps promote self-management for the wearer in armsleeves, lower legging and now also juxta thigh.

Clean, heal and prevent rebound with Medi.


Medi UK Ltd Logowww.mediuk.co.uk

Plough Lane,
Tel: 01432 373500
Email: enquiries@mediuk.co.uk
Website: www.mediuk.co.uk
Web shop: shop.mediuk.co.uk

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